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Orgasmic dysfunction is a condition that occurs when someone has difficulty reaching orgasm. Men can also experience orgasmic dysfunction, but this is much less common. Orgasms are intense feelings of release during sexual stimulation.

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AskMen may get paid if you click a link in this article and buy a product or service. There are a few life skills we inevitably end up learning mostly through the process of trial and error — and bringing a woman to orgasm, unfortunately, falls under that umbrella. Understanding female pleasure is more of a hands on experience, not really a topic that's well poised to be taught in a classroom setting — though it would have made sex ed a whole lot more enjoyable.

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It is such a bonus when a woman has one. It's so rare. So special.

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Women have come up with many creative ways to describe what their orgasms feel like. Some say it feels like a sneeze, a steep drop off a cliff, or a volcanic eruption. But regardless of how they choose to word it, they can all agree that the female orgasm feels amazing! Researchers think there are two key reasons for the orgasm gap.

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From a more fruitful career to increased health and well-beingour motivations for having sex are as varied as the ways we can enjoy it. However no matter the reason for embarking on the journey, the destination is always the same, and always enjoyable: orgasm city. Population: you.

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But is it possible to achieve real mind-blowing orgasms? Here are 10 ways to help yourself have amazing orgasms: 1. Self-criticism is a major passion squelcher.

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What a clinical term for something that is so divine! These questions were taken directly from the emails that you bombshells send me every day. You deserve the full passion of life and the full pleasure that your body allows.

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Last time, we discussed masturbation. For whatever reason, the female orgasm seems to have taken on an almost mythical quality in our society. Your labia also get puffier and darker, and your uterus tilts. When it happens, your brain releases the feel-good chemicals dopamine and oxytocin.

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Way back when humans first began roaming this earth, sex and intimacy had nothing to do with orgasms. In fact, the term "orgasm" wasn't even known or created until of years later. Yet now that we know of this joy, both for men and women, we seek to use sex for that outlet.

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Many women require a perfect storm to enjoy a full orgasm with their partner; the right mood, the right maneuvers, the right man or woman. Sensual moments that should be opportunities to increase intimacy can become stress provoking and create further distance. Part of making her feel comfortable is also being mindful of the environment. If she feels self-conscious with the lights on, turn them off.


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