Gordon macdonalds fall into sexual sin

I remember that feeling of a pit in my stomach as I sat there and tried to answer her heart-wrenching questions. I was sitting on the floor, and she was sitting on the couch, looking at me with tears running down her face, wanting me to tell her why this happened. She knew the Lord, had obeyed the Lord, and now felt like God was allowing a piercing sword to go through her heart.

I had a chance to chat with Gordon by phone about what real-life lessons we can expect from Going Deep. GM: He really is me. The two real characters in the book are my wife, Gail, and me.

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To be more specific, the ministry helps men that deal with sexual addiction issues. Inthese men met with a pastor at New Heights to discuss the possibility of starting a similar ministry. Since that time, the ministry has grown and is helping men in this community in their battle with sexual addiction issues.

Jay C. If a man cheats on his wife is he still 'blameless'? Seeing that accompanying this question was a quote of my earlier post that answered it where I identified the case of a serial adulterer or fornicator which means when he is identified in such a context he is being blamed for such, otherwise he would not be identified as such. Alex Guggenheim wrote: But let's take the case of the serial adulterer or fornicator.

Dear Brenda, Your comments reflect the love of Christ, and are so refreshing. Sometimes I am saddened by those who rush to divide the Kingdom. They even seem to enjoy it.

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This church is far from being alone. I can think of very few churches that have escaped such a trauma. However it plays out, it leaves everyone involved hurt and wondering why it happened and how it could have been avoided.

L onnie Latham, a member of the Southern Baptist Convention executive committee and pastor of a large Tulsa, Oklahoma, church, resigned from both positions in January after police arrested him for allegedly attempting to solicit a male undercover officer for oral sex. Earl Paulk, pastor of an Atlanta-area megachurch, has dodged allegations of sexual impropriety for years. But in Augusta female employee sued him, alleging he arranged for his brother and visiting pastors to have sex with her.

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That was groundbreaking at the time. Previously there had always been the thought especially for pastors that the church, i. Because God is to come first in our lives and the pastor is to be an example of that value.

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One of the great battlegrounds of the new century is within the private world of the individual. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews.

Remember that David was not a young man when he succumbed to sexual sin. Most commentators believe his age was around 51 years old. Thank God that Gordon humbled himself, submitted to the discipline that was necessary, and today has been restored as an effective leader. What about you?


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