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Please use the member login link in the main navigation bar to access the members sections. There is a trend going on right now with home defense. Where the pistol or shotgun used to be the go to guns the rifle and in particular the AR15 platform is taking over.

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Make PoliceOne your homepage. These two lines of ammunition are designed to address very different needs. The similar sounding names help to establish these products as market siblings, but sometimes confuse the average buyer.

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There are few subjects as prone to create an argument as personal defense handguns and calibers. I think that everyone should master the personal defense handgun of their choice. Given a reliable handgun of good quality and at least 9mm caliber, you will be well armed.

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The brand labeling of ammunition can be confusing to the consumer; a shiny logo and photo may not completely indicate the intended use for the product, and it may require a bit of extensive research to obtain the desired results. Hornadylong famous for its excellent component bullets, and more recently, its equally superb ammunition, has a few different brands of handgun ammunition. Let's examine the differences and common threads between the Critical Defense and Critical Duty lines of personal-defense handgun ammo. Critical Defense vs.

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As many of you know, I spent more than a decade in police work, so I have an acute desire to know what really works and to expose anything that is pure marketing hype. While I cannot state that these rounds are definitively better than other premium loads from Federal, Speer, Remington or Winchester, I can say that I would pick these to carry over any of the other handgun loads that Hornady currently manufactures — and I think the company makes good ammo across the board. In this review, I will go over each of the current loads as well as give you feedback about how they performed on the range.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Of the major lines of defensive ammunition, two very popular brands by Hornady are Critical Duty and Critical Defense.

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Nickel-plated cases increase visibility in low light situations. Find a Retailer. Bright nickel-plated cartridge cases ease chamber checks in reduced light, and low-flash propellants preserve night vision.

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Many people are choosing a rifle for home defense in modern times. The most popular choice in defensive rifles seems to be the AR platform, which makes a lot of sense to me. AR rifles have proven to be reliable performers and are easily adaptable by shooters of all sizes and capabilities. Most of the AR-style rifles are chambered for the.

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It is a true chameleon cartridge. Like that underrated predator, the 22 Magnum comes in many forms and is surprisingly efficient at what it does. Designed as a rimfire rifle cartridge and an improvement over the venerable 22 LR cartridge for use against varmints.

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Humphries - Wednesday, July 6, Not that long ago, ammunition capabilities were primarily measured in bullet diameter and weight. If you wanted a compact and lightweight pistol, you compromised and went with a smallish round like the. If you were going to carry a full-size gun and needed maximum stopping power, you selected a.


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