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Have you got your copy of the new Tinkerlab book yet? Rachelle Doorley has filled it with playful experiments that encourage children to explore, tinker and discover. They took the book to bed with them so they could write a big list of which projects they wanted to try first.

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A large acceleration requires a large force and because this force is concentrated in one place the eggshell isn't strong enough to support this force and it breaks. If you put the egg in a bottle the egg still stops rapidly and the force is still concentrated in one place so the egg still breaks. In a bottle the egg is still stopped very rapidly by a large force in one place.

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No, this is not about Skinny-dipping!!! I get extra points for a working catcher under 5 cm. No points if egg bounces and breaks on concrete or for missing the catcher.

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Eggs are great for experiments as they are inexpensive, easily available and very versatile. Do be careful if you have a child with allergies though. How about a Humpty Dumpty themed egg drop experiment? We used ziploc bags filled with different materials, but another way to do this one is to make parachute or create a container for the egg.

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Posts should be pertinent and generate a discussion about physics. Please choose a user flair using the 'edit' option next to your username above. IRC Channel: physics on irc.

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Question of the Week: What kind of creatures lay eggs? Challenge: Can you drop an egg from a height without cracking the shell? The ultimate goal is for kids to create a container that they can put a raw egg in and drop it from several feet and not have the egg break.

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You may be one person, but you're made up of millions and billions of cells! Have you ever thought about all the tiny, microscopic cells that make up you? While your cells are much too small to see without a microscope, there are ways to create the look of a cell in your very own home without fancy equipment.

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Use a giant cell—a de-shelled chicken egg—to explore the comings and goings of cellular substances. Use a scale to find the mass of each de-shelled egg before treatment. Record the result on notepaper.

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The egg drop challenge is one of my favorite science activities for kids! I love all the critical thinking involved in this science activity, but my favorite part is the excitement kids feel when taking part! Have you heard of the Egg Drop Challenge?

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