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Observe your furry companion and see if he or she is constantly licking his or her front paws. This may be the start of "Acral Lick Granuloma". It can be very disturbing to see your dogs lick themselves obsessively.

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Lick granuloma is a common skin problem in dogs that is very frustrating for the dog, the owner, and the veterinarian. It is caused by the dog licking herself in the same area over and over. This causes trauma to that area of the skin and leads to a large wound, infection, and thickening of the skin.

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Do you know what acral lick dermatitis is? This particular cat illness is characterized by a raised, firm, thickened, ulcerative plaque commonly situated on the backside part of the ankle, or in between toes. This particular condition affects lots and lots of cats all over the world.

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Acral lick dermatis ALD is a frustrating self destructive condition that may or may not have a legitimate physical cause. The complexities associated with this condition and the fact that it can be the result of either legitimate physical injury or an unknown psychosis have led to the creation of many terms to describe this condition. These terms include canine neurodermatitis, acral pruritic nodule, acropruritic nodule, lick granuloma, acral lick granuloma and acral mutilation syndrome.

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Favoured sites for the excessive compulsive licking, which produces the lesion, are most commonly on the anterior carpal or metatarsal skin. The problem tends to occur in middle-aged to older breeds such as the Doberman, Great Dane, Golden Labrador, Labrador retriever, German shepherd and Boxer, although it may occur in other breeds including crossbreeds. It is suggested that differential diagnosis rule-outs are investigated before considering psychogenic underlying causes.

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A lick granulomaalso known as acral lick dermatitisis a skin disorder found most commonly in dogsbut also in cats. In dogs, it results typically from the dog's urge to lick the lower portion of one of their legs. The lesion can initially be red, swollen, irritated, and bleeding, similar to a hot spot wet eczema.

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Lick granuloma LG also known as acral lick dermatitis or acral pruritic nodule; acral meaning 'extremity' is a common canine dermatitis wherein repetitive licking results in the development of a well circumscribed, raised, firm, alopecic, eroded to ulcerated plaque or nodule. Lesions are most commonly found on the dorsal aspect of the front limb, anywhere from the metacarpal area to the elbow. LGs are less commonly noted over the metatarsus or tarsal or tibial regions.

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Acral lick dermatitis results from an urge to lick the lower cranial portion of a limbproducing a thickened, firm, oval plaque. The condition may be organic or psychogenic in origin and potential organic causes should always be excluded before a diagnosis of an obsessive-compulsive disorder is made. It might be that a predisposing cause or initial insult induces attention and licking, and exposes sensory nerves in the lower epidermis, resulting in a continuous stimulus to lick.

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Acral lick granuloma is caused by excessive, repeated licking of an area of skin, most often on the lower portion of a leg. Acral lick dermatitis also called lick granuloma in dogs is a condition that develops as a result of excessive, chronic licking. It usually occurs on the front part of the lower leg, often over the carpus wrist or metacarpus top of the paw.

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One difficult aspect of the treatment is related to the multifactorial cause. Although environmental stress, such as boredom, confinement, loneliness, and separation anxiety, may contribute to the onset of the condition, this etiology appears to be less common than other factors. The location of the lesion by definition is on the extremity and appears to be equally distributed between the front and rear legs, most noticeably on the dorsal aspect of the carpus, metacarpus, tarsus, or metatarsus.


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