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Pneumocystosis is a disease of humans and animals characterized by an interstitial pneumonia and the filling of the alveoli of the lungs by the causative parasite, Pneumocystis carinii. The classification of Pneumocystis carinii has been uncertain ever since its discovery in It is a unicellular eukaryotic parasite and has been grouped in the Protista.

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Natural killer NK cells are large granular lymphocytes that express a diverse array of germline encoded inhibitory and activating receptors for MHC Class I and Class I-like molecules, classical co-stimulatory ligands, and cytokines. The ability of NK cells to be very rapidly activated by inflammatory cytokines, to secrete effector cytokines, and to kill infected or stressed host cells, suggests that they may be among the very early responders during infection. Recent studies have also identified a small number of pathogen-derived ligands that can bind to NK cell surface receptors and directly induce their activation.

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Pasteurella pneumotropica is an opportunistic pathogen in rodents. Natural infection in immunodeficient animals suggests that immunodeficiency is a major factor in P. From 14 days postinoculation, some of P.

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Health monitoring of laboratory animals used in biomedical research is necessary due to the consequences of unwanted infections. Animals that appear normal and healthy may be unsuitable as research subjects due to unobservable, but significant local or systemic effects of viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites with which they may be infected. There has been a steady increase in the awareness of the varied and generally unwanted effects of natural pathogens in laboratory animals, and there have been even greater efforts to exclude pathogens from these animals 1.

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Enzyme Nomenclature. Enzyme-Ligand Interactions. Functional Parameters. Organism related Information.


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