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I was in no real hurry to enter the work force after high school graduation. I also had no plans for college since I assumed college was just a more self-disciplined version of high school and I really hated high school and self-discipline. All I really wanted to do was play rock and roll guitar.

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Crammed it into every help-wanted ad for a barista or programmer or call-center employee. Think back to the barbaric yawp of Robert Plant or Axl Rose, when the rock star occupied a particular societal apex not seen before or since. Rich as Rockefeller, famous as any actor, and more desirable than either because he answered only to his fearsomely rebellious and youthful self.

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Welcome to Vintage Guitar Buyer, we buy guitars, vintage guitars, used guitars and collectable amps. You've come to the right place if you're thinking "I want to sell my guitar", "I need to sell my guitar" or "I want to trade my vintage guitar". I also buy good used guitars as well as effect pedals and lots more.

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Some guitar brands make fantastic profits on their high-end models and can provide budget instruments they don't need to make a large profit on. Other companies redesign their high-end models or competitors high-end models to reduce production cost until they have a guitar that has a lower price tag. Unfortunately, some use low build quality components, and manufacturing processes and ultimately produce instruments which are terrible by comparison. In this day and age, we order online and companies ship online to how do you tell if you are getting value for money?

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G eorge Gruhn is synonymous with vintage guitars. Gruhn is best known, however, for the Nashville store he opened ina shrine for serious players and collectors around the world. There are many differences.

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By and large, he avoids top dollar items, instead focusing on less-coveted models and picking up 50s and 60s guitars for less than the cost of current production reissues. But why did he choose to focus on Gibson? As a result, I slowly realised that player-grade stuff with repairs and some changes can be relatively affordable.

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Here at Reverb, we see a lot of beautiful, rare guitars pass through the pages of our site and into the hands of new owners. With the season of year-end retrospectives upon us, we would be remiss if we didn't take an opportunity to shine a light on some of the more remarkable vintage guitars sold on Reverb this year. Below, you'll find ten of the rarest, coolest six-strings to trade hands in

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Forgot your password? By Noise I know there are tons of brands of vintage guitars out there - but what are the good ones?

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Skip to main content. Vintage Guitar. In Stock. I read multiple reviews for this pedal, not just here but on other sites, watched videos, thought about it for about 2 weeks and pulled the trigger


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