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When our breasts feel weird, we often jump to the worst possible conclusions: Does breast pain mean that I have breast cancer? Or are my boobs sore because I'm getting my period — or because I'm pregnant? Here's the good news: Breasts feel sore for all different kinds of reasons, most of which are nothing to be concerned about.

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Premenstrual syndrome PMS is a group of symptoms linked to the menstrual cycle. Typically, PMS symptoms happen one to two weeks before your period. They usually stop after your period starts.

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Premenstrual breast swelling and tenderness, or cyclical mastalgia, is a common concern among women. The symptom is part of a group of symptoms called premenstrual syndromeor PMS. Premenstrual breast swelling and tenderness can also be a sign of fibrocystic breast disease.

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Do your breasts get very painful and swollen every month before your period? If you experience these symptoms, you may be suffering from a condition called cyclic mastalgia. The exact cause of the breast pain and swelling is not known, but it is likely related to the normal hormonal changes of your menstrual cycle.

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While it might seem an inevitability of a monthly cycle, it is important to note that any PMS should only last a short amount of time — anything longer than a week should be checked out by your healthcare professional. There are also diet and lifestyle solutions that you can adopt…. One of the best ways to support the natural balance of oestrogen is to optimise the function of your bowel and your liver, as these are the two main organs responsible for the detoxification of hormones.

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For full functionality, it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Healthline Media, Inc.

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Breast tenderness. You may experience it just occasionally, be bothered for a few days each month before your period, or you may feel tortured by aching breasts for weeks at a time. Many women tell me their breasts are so achy and swollen that sometimes they are too painful to fit them into their bra.

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For some women, sore, sometimes painful breasts are a good tip-off that Aunt Flo is about to make a visit. While the heads-up is nice, sore breasts can be uncomfortable as hell. But there's a very real reason why sore breasts around your period are a thing, and even better, there are ways to find relief. The jury is still out on the exact mechanisms behind breast soreness during your period.

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All rights reserved. If you're a female of menstruating age and you don't know what pre-period breast pain feels like, then go and buy a lottery ticket immediately. You're obviously a extremely lucky and b a member of the minority.

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Premenstrual swelling and tenderness of both breasts occurs during the second half of the menstrual cycle. Breast tissue may have a dense, bumpy, "cobblestone" feel to the fingers. This feel is usually more in the outer areas, particularly near the armpit.


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