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Vaginas are great, but if you have one, chances are you've asked yourself at least once, "Why is my vagina itchy? Vaginal discomfort like itchiness is super common and rarely a cause for major concern, but it's still plenty frustrating. An irritated vulva or vagina is just that: irritating.

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Vaginal itching, sometimes called vaginitis, occurs when the vagina becomes inflamed, often also causing discharge and pain. Changes in the normal balance of vaginal bacteria, as well as infections, are both common causes of vaginal itching. Medical treatment will depend on the cause of your symptoms, and may include prescribed medications or creams.

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Sex is supposed to be all about pleasure, not pain. Vagina tears can be as painful as they sound. The vagina isn't as elastic as it should be, and tears and abrasions result.

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In many cases, these cuts can heal on their own. Certain conditions can also make you more susceptible to tears or scrapes in this area. Keep reading to find out more about why they may be happening, how to treat them, and when you should see your doctor.

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Take vaginal itchingfor instance. When all is quiet on the southern front, you likely don't think about how lucky you are. But when your vagina is relentlessly irritated, the itching can consume your thoughts to the point where it's hard to focus on anything else.

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So, you and your partner just got done with your bedroom marathon and the pain is finally settling in. But before you freak out over burning urination, you may be experiencing something far less serious than an STI or a medical condition. Although pain during or after sex can be attributed to more serious health issues, it's likely that you simply received some cuts while getting it on.

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Accidents happen. The dead giveaway is usually a VERY foul smell. But she's also fished out a birth control diaphragm and stray sex toys.

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If you believe your child needs immediate attention and you have concerns for a life-threatening emergency, call Not sure what counts as urgent and what's an emergency when your child is sick or injured? When it can't wait, know where to take your kids. Help Me Decide.

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In an ideal world, everyone born with a vagina would get an owner's manual as soon as they were able to read. Unfortunately, we live a world that instead opts to waste our precious childhoods teaching us about cats and their hats instead of guiding us through the ins and outs of our complex, amazing lady biz. Some of us come across great guides to our vaginas later in life, but many of us don't — and even those of us who devote ourselves to studying the vaginal arts don't necessarily know or understand everything that happens in our undercarriage.


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