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No matter how you feel about Fifty Shades of Grey as a book or film, its meteoric rise in popularity has put the spotlight on a frequently misunderstood and underappreciated genre of pop culture that deserves the attention: erotic fiction. The common misconception about the genre is assuming the word "erotic" immediately translates to smut or filth or straight-up pornography. People seem to forget that erotic is a blanket term for anything that turns us on sexually, and the beauty of turn-ons is that they're different for everyone.

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Sound familiar? The erotic trilogy, originally titled Master of the Universewas posted as Twilight fanfiction on Fanfiction. For the uninitiated, fanfiction is fiction written by a fan that features characters from a particular mythical universe such as a TV show or book.

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Marise was walking home late at night since she just came from a friend's house. She came home to find out that her house was empty. She went to her kitchen and took out a bag of chips from the cupboard and a soda from the fridge. Suddenly Marise felt goose bumps cover her flesh.

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After reading the "Twilight" series, "Fifty Shades" author E. James started posting her own erotic take on the novels on Fanfiction. Many readers deemed James' stories too provocative for Fanfiction.

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Rule 34 is a foundational principle of the internet. The idea is simple: if something exists, porn of that something must also exist. Steve Wozniak exists.

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Another story based on "Twilight" fanfiction has been picked up by a major publishing company. Its sequel, "Beautiful Stranger," is scheduled to be released in May. The steamy tale, written by Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings, under the pen name Christina Lauren, was originally posted online in

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N : This story takes place 3 years after the sacrifice, only in this story Damon didn't get bitten by Tyler so Stefan didn't leave with Klaus, that's about it; enjoy! The story it's dedicated to BadBoysAreBest, for some reason this story made me think of her I guess because she's such an amazing writer and I just read a piece by her before starting on this, lol. A special thank you to my absolutely amazing beta Carly Temptress-Kitten17 ; you are awesome! I came out of the bathroom; just a huge towel wrapped around me and my wet cold hair falling over my shoulders, giving me a chilling sensation.

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But before Kat started posting twerk videos to the internet, and before she was the victim of a cruel act of revenge porn, she was just another virgin writing erotic fanfiction on Tumblr. She was known for her AU-crossovers and her consistent NC ratings. In the throes of passion, the boy band members morph into ethereal star constellations, 69'ing in a swirling cosmos while a transfixed kawaii version of Kat watches in the distance.

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It's ridiculous that fanfiction gets a bad reputationbecause it's basically the best thing ever. Taking one of your favorite stories and expanding the plot, usually to involve extra adventures and sexy time? Hi, sign me up please. But there's fanfiction out there that goes beyond your standard Harry Potter fare.


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