Why women find beer bellies sexy

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Since Cindi, Glamour's editor-in-chief, first posted on glamour. The photo hit such a nerve mostly a really, really, really good one with women, that it even made its way to CNN! And just when I thought it might be old news by now, I went out to dinner on Saturday night, and all my girlfriends wanted to talk about was the photo.

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In a world where everyone wants to be thinner and in better shape, big bellies can be cumbersome. However, for those of you with a rather round belly, there might be some good news heading your way. Hard-bodied gentlemen hitting the gym to lose their belly flab can put the salads and dumbbells down and go back to their beer and chicken wings, at least for a while, of course.

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A study proves more gut DOES equal more glory in the bedroom. Hey ladies: take a break from chasing that six-packed Adonis and instead divert your gaze to the oft-overlooked Homer Simpson Doppelganger. You may thank us for it.

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At what point does a boy become a man? But I say different. Something that seems to have appeared out of nowhere.

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We women are held to ridiculous American Apparel size-0 standards yes, mostly self-imposed, but the media practically makes us do it! Read the rest of this post on SUNfiltered. I like them.

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The beer belly is usually associated with men, since males tend to carry excess fat in the abdominal area. Although women are more likely to put on extra pounds in the hips and thighs, they can also have a beer belly. And as they age, women are more likely to develop the excess abdominal fat that characterizes the beer belly.

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The image of the ideal man has changed throughout history. Nowadays, the ideal man looks more like a painting. A lean, muscular frame with pronounced abs is what you need.

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A new survey by Planet Fitness has revealed more Americans prefer a guy with a "dad bod" to a someone with rippling abs. For those that aren't familiar, a "dad bod" is a slang term for a physique somewhere between a beer belly and a six-pack - think your actual dad. National health club chain Planet Fitness commissioned the study which measured the attitudes of over 2, men and women and found that more and more males are self-identifying as having a "dad bod.

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We would like to add that gay men prefer it for the same reasons. Also, we like having something to grab onto. Something tells me there is a big disconnect between the gay media, and real everyday gay people.

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TonyTwoGuns March 10th Humor. Being a man, you are more likely to get a beer belly than a woman. There are many things that are related to a beer belly and there are many exercises that you can do to earn that beautiful, potbelly, which will not require much work, at all. In this article, you will find everything that you need to know about a beer belly and much, much more.


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